Most specialized furniture repair
With more than twenty five years experience in the field of furniture repair is in the service of dear customers
Myco products, attractive decorations
Bringing quality, in the light of integration with the beauty and design approach available to your home. From Accesor to lighting and carpet, we decorate and offer every product within our own concept.
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Sets of home furniture

Household furniture

Myco furniture products, with colors, designs, and in general with all their features are dynamic, young and modern. These products will not only excite you to buy a new furniture for you, but with designs that are not limited to a specific time, for many years, will bring a sense of dynamism to your home.
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Dining table sets

Dining tables

The NAVONA Dining Room brings a new style to your living space with contemporary lines and unique design.
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Types of office furniture sets

office furniture

Sale of all kinds of office furniture, one of the top furniture manufacturers in Iran. The highest quality and best price guarantee at the Myco store
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اجرای دکوراتیو سقفی
اجرای کابینت های گلاس
اجرای کابینت های گلاس
اجرای کابینت ممبران
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Myco Office and Home Furniture Manufactory

Myco Corporation has started its activity in Iran since 2011, currently with more than 200 personnel with the highest growth rates in the furniture and sleeping goods industry of the country, as well as for two consecutive years as the first and most prominent brand in the furniture import industry. We are aware of changes in organizational strategies, staffing perspectives and attention to centralized management; we are trying to get closer to international standards. One of the honors of the country is direct high-level branches in the country and extensive outdoor and outdoor advertising. Irihatash Kish Company has always been a leader in its customers’ satisfaction and will make its own financial outlook for human resources.

Ali Amini Managing Director
Ahmad Sa'edi Sales Manager
Reza Ahmadzadeh Design and Ideas Manager
  • Management team

The realization of the slogan of the home and the ideal working environment by displaying and introducing the products of Iranian producers to final consumers in and out of the country at a price specified by the factory or the headquarters of the manufacturer and participating in domestic and foreign tenders in order to provide the needs of government and private organizations. Attending the permanent exhibition and the headquarters of Sawis means attending the central exhibition of more than 30 leading manufacturers of furniture industry in the country.

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کابینت عروس اینستا

کابینت عروس اینستا

امروزه اکثر خرید ها از طریق دنیای مجازی و به صورت غیر حضوری و آنلاین صورت می گیرد و اینستاگرام بخش عمده ای از این بازار را به خود اختصاص داده است. برای مثال برای خرید هر وسیله ای ...